PowerDNS AXFR broken with IPv6

Having IPv6 enabled on our nameservers, I’ve noticed that new domains where no longer slaved. We use PowerDNS’s supermaster feature for this, which basicly means it verifies NOTIFY messages against a list of ‘trusted masters’, if the sender address of the NOTIFY message matches any of the trusted masters it automaticly creates the new domain as a slave domain and performs an AXFR-query on the master to retrieve the zonefile.

When using IPv6 with PowerDNS, the PowerDNS server ‘pdns’ binds to its port with AF_INET6. By default, AF_INET6 binds to both IPv4 and IPv6 and uses v4-in-v6 mapping. If a IPv4 connection is made the address is in the form of “::ffff:′.

The problem is that it is not possible to open a IPv6 connection to “::ffff:”. However, this is wat pdns wants to to to query the supermaster server. The resulting error is:

Error resolving SOA or NS at: ::ffff: Unable to ask query of ::ffff: Address family not supported by protocol

The solution is to set the sysctl setting sys.net.ipv6.bindv6only to ‘1’. If set, this makes AF_INET6 sockets only listening on IPv6 addresses thus disabling the v4-in-v6 mapping.

Furthermore you have to make sure that PowerDNS is explicitly configured to listen on your IPv4 address with “local-address=” and your IPv6 address with “local-ipv6=”.

Then everything should be okay again.

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