Muting Audio/Video Equipment

IRTrans LAN ControllerI’m a big fan of domotica, so I got myself a IRTrans module. This module connects to your Ethernet network and allows you to send/receive IR commands. This little gadget is hooked up to my HomeSeer computer. I also wrote a little script that hooks into my PBX.

My Audio/Video equipment is now turned off when I arm my alarm system and is muted/paused when I receive an incoming call. When someone presses my doorbell the system is only paused. The connection with the alarm system and the doorbell can be easily arranged with some HomeSeer events. The PBX connection was a little bit more difficult.

I am using the Asterisk manager system. A little PHP scripts connects to the Manager interface and ‘listens’ for new calls. It then verifies if the call is to or from a phone in my livingroom, and if so mutes the audio/video using the IRTrans IRClient tool.

The script can be found here: Link

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